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The mission of Cats and Dogs, a Magazine Devoted to Companion Animals is to celebrate the human-animal relationship through entertaining and educational articles. One of the goals of Cats and Dogs is to bring awareness to local animal rescue organizations and the hard-working volunteers who dedicate countless hours and resources to helping homeless animals. Another goal is to bring awareness to pet overpopulation and encourage people to spay and neuter their cats and dogs.



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Each issue is dedicating to celebrating the human-animal relationship while offering entertainment and educational pieces throughout the articles.

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Rescues and Resources

There are several rescues and other organizations in West Michigan dedicated to helping animals and pet parents.

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Our Magazine Issues

Our magazine is a labor of love, not just for the animals, but for all the people who love animals. Read some of the issues below.


 I Love💖 Janet's magazine because when doing adoptions, I referred to it for the public to have as a great resource and to educate. The articles are done with respect and compassion for all animals. Janet has done an amazing job in creating this magazine, and I applaud her work.

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About the Author

Janet Vormittag is an author, publisher and animal advocate. She is the author of Dog 281, a suspense novel set in Michigan about a stolen dog. Her most recent novel, More Than a Number, is a sequel to Dog 281. Her latest book, a humorous memoir, You Might be a Crazy Cat Lady if ..., was published in 2017.